The Digital Switch Over – Are you ready

The digital switch over begins Wednesday 24th March 2010  in this area. If you are watching TV through a normal aerial and its not going thought a freeview box, freeview built into your TV or Sky then your not going to be able to watch all the channels.

There are two dates you need to know about

24th March 2010 – Stage 1

  • BBC 2 will stop broadcasting in the traditional way, you will only be able to watch it through Freeview or satellite.
  • The first set of changes happen in this area and all freeview boxes need to be retuned.

7th April 2010 – Stage 2

  • All other channels will stop being broadcast in the traditional way, again without a freeview or a satellite you will no longer be able to pick up any TV channels.
  • The final part of the change over means you have to retune all freeview boxes again.

more details about the digital swtich over can be found on

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