Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Semington Village Website.
After a number of years we have decided to give the website a fresh new look which we hope you will enjoy. We have added a load of new content to the site and a couple of brand new features.

Calandar of events

We have created a google calandar which you can view online on the events calendar page or you can even import it into your own calandar software. So if your using google calandar, hotmail or outlook 2007 then you can copy and paste the following address into your system and you will be able to browse the calander
Semington Village Google Calandar


We have created a twitter account so if you want to be alerted of updates to the site or you have suggests as to items to put on the site tweet us www.twitter.com/semington

RSS feeds

If you use a rss reader you can get all the updates by subscribing to our feed.
Our feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/SemingtonVillageWebsite
To find out more about RSS the BBC have a good article
PC users looking for a desktop application to view RSS feeds in check out Feeddemon its very simple to use and its free