Football Comes to Semington on Good Friday

On Good Friday Semington Magpies / Rovers players of present and past will gather to mark a historic day with a friendly game of football and post match celebration.

Having played home fixtures outside of the village for 14 years we would like you to join us as we celebrate the launch of our very own village football pitch!

We are grateful to The Somerset Arms who are hosting post match festivities which include a barbecue and live music with an outstanding performance from Mike Dobie; Mike will be playing the likes of The Beatles, The Who, The Clash, The Jam, Paul Weller, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Verve, Artic Monkeys, Razorlight and many more!

We look forward to your participation 🙂

Good Friday, 2nd April
Pitch: Kick-off at 4pm
Pub: Post match barbecue from 6pm and live music from 7pm