Footballs Coming Home II–Good Friday

On good Friday last year, Semington footballers present and past gather for an inaugural football match to showcase the village’s new football pitch. This was followed by a hugely successful post match celebration.

Unfortunately the football pitch wasn’t fit to play on for the 2010/11 football season but lots of progress has been made in the last year, changing rooms are in place and goals are ready for action. So on Good Friday 2011, we really will be celebrating the homecoming of football in the village.

Post match festivities will again be hosted at The Somerset Arms and this will include a barbecue and live music. Once again we look forward to your support.

Match Details

Friday 22nd April / Good Friday

Kick-Off at 4pm

Post Match

Post match celebration at The Somerset Arms
Barbecue from 6pm
Live music from 7pm