Wilts and Berks Canal Proposal

Did you attend the meeting on Wednesday, do you have any views?

One villager has started a petition see Jacqueline’s comments below

If you do not want this development to go ahead or would at least like a say in what is going on, please sign this petition:


You can also voice your comments via the WC website at: http://westplanning.wiltshire.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=neighbourComments&keyVal=M58PZORN08F00

The current proposal is not just to build a canal between Semington and the river Avon (as implied here), but to enable this by building houses, a pub, a huge camp ground, leisure facilities, an eco-farm, and a school ? and a marina. In other words, the proposal is to develop (that is, fill in) the gap between Semington and Melksham. As it stands, what is set out in this proposal is mis-leading.