Semington Celebration

When a number of lovely people put their heads together to work out how Semington could celebrate its community and the way in which the village has rallied to make sure we all got through this pandemic in one piece, it was back in July when the cautious optimism of a new normal-ish started to show green shoots. The plans have changed and evolved as government rules and guidelines have changed in reaction to the pandemic’s path through our lives and here we are this week seeing the reintroduction of limits on gatherings inside and outside our homes…..

So what to do? Well we could cancel everything and wait for brighter days or we could all behave as responsible people who treasure and care for our village and the people who live in it. So everything that is mentioned in this newsletter and on the Support Group Facebook page expects everyone to follow the rules of no more than six people in a group at a time, social distancing maintained at all times and don’t be offended if someone feels safer wearing a mask when walking round the village, spread kindness not germs.

It is Harvest Festival time and this is the theme for our day of celebration. It’s been a while since we had a window dressing weekend but it’s back – bigger and better than ever, we’d love to see your windows celebrating the Harvest Festival – go on you know you can do it!
Harvest Festivals are also about sharing the good things within the community so why not put something at the end of your drive or at your garden gate to share with your fellow villagers. Already there are apples being offered free to good homes – so if you’re knee deep in tomatoes, apples or pears why not use Semington Celebrates to share them out amongst the village. If you have perfected the art of baking during lockdown to such an extent you’re fine tuning your application to the Great British Bake Off 2021 go on and spoil your neighbours with some tasty treats. It doesn’t even have to be food related how about plants that need new homes

Things to See and Do On Saturday 19th September when Semington Celebrates

St George’s Church

The porch will be decorated in celebration of the harvest, there will be a prayer labyrinth in the churchyard and a prayer station at the pub to give thanks for food as well as an opportunity to donate to the Food Bank.

St George’s School

go and have a look at the Gratitude Heart Display in the front car park.

The Knapps

Rumour has it there could be sit on train rides available.

Semington Stones

Collect stones from Vicky’s garden (35 Highfield Close) from next week to paint and add to the Semington Stones hidden around the village. If you’re unable to varnish them drop them back to Vicky before the big day.

Dinosaur Geocache

Did you know there are dinosaurs on the canal?

Where in Semington?

Pick up the photo walking tour leaflet from the telephone box and challenge yourself to see how well you know your village!

Somerset Arms

John has booked a couple of bands for the day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening – this will be subject to government guidelines and rules and of course, any subsequent changes that may happen.

Village Clubs

If any of our new village clubs want to publicise their club – feel free to set up on the village hall car park so people can come and see what you do.

Harvest Windows

Pop a photo of your window on the Facebook page so people can get out and see just how creative and clever you are!

Free to Good Homes

If you are sharing with the village on the day – please pop a quick post on the Facebook page so fellow villagers can seek you out.

Dance Like No One is Watching

Steve Rimmer has promised to get his sound system out